From the dark days of Graphic Design in 2009 to three sequential years of Creative Arts, I have immensely developed my artistic talents. Sitting in a garage drawing ampersands with a teacher who didn't agree with me on anything was the way that things began, but it quickly escalated to box designs, and realistic illustrations, prints, paintings, pottery, and more. Art has always been the most enjoyable subject for me- even since first grade my artistic skills were prominent, and High School has definitely been the most stimulating artistic time of my life. Art became more serious, and deadlines were created and were expected to be kept. Criticism wasn't another kid scribbling all over your drawing, but it was encouraging advice from an experienced mentor. I went from an inability to complete half of a pottery set, to making full extravagant sculptural pieces, and to be able to see that progression was incredible. It is heartbreaking to imagine what I could have accomplished if the additional art programs at Haddon Township were not cut- I'm continually reminded through pictures and the sharing of experiences from other students of the opportunities I completely missed out on due to the sacrifice. All in all, I had an incredible artistic experience here, and it's rewarding to reflect upon what I have created in these past four years.

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